Our Services

    • Identify Potential areas
    • Procedures of legal and other requirement
    • Getting you an office and a place to live
    • Getting you the Right licenses
    • Setting up your financial structure
    • Tax and regulatory compliance advice
  • Debt Advisory Services

    • Identify and connect potential lenders
    • Provide an overview of options available to the client
    • Review loan documentation and financial covenants
    • Create a competitive process and lead negotiations to ensure the best terms are achieved for the client
    Equity Fundraising

    • We manage an equity fundraising if there is a funding gap
    • We raise funds from local and foreign sources.
    • We provide legal advice on any corporate and commercial legal services with the direct involvement of our partners and our experienced staffs.
  • This is our matchmaking service where we;
    • Connect project with finance
    • Connect finance with project
  • We represent foreign firms in Ethiopia in various sectors of the economy. We serve in;

    • Identifying opportunity
    • Assisting the client during negotiations or negotiating on its behalf with government agencies, UN agencies, non -government organizations and companies
    • Assisting clients in carrying out strategic reviews
    • Structuring the transaction/ Transactional Advisory Services

  • Our logistic service includes Inland transport, distribution and packaging.

    Inland Transport

    • From Port of Djibouti to Ethiopia and from Ethiopia to Port of Djibouti or to different part of the country.


    • We will be handling distributing of your products in different part of the country.

    Customs clearance

    • We provide custom clearance at different custom point with the assistance of our partner company.
    • We source agriculture output and manufacturing raw materials to destination of your choice.
    • Product quality is our priority and it is shared by our partners who are the direct exporters.

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    Gollagul Tower, Room #1101
    Area: 22 Mazoria
    Addis Ababa, POBox 2222
    (+251) 937646410
    (+251) 118237181
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