IATA recognizes Ethiopian Aviation Academy

Ethiopian Aviation Academy, the largest aviation academy in Africa, has joined IATA’s global training partner network as an IATA Authorized Training Center.

In a statement sent to The Reporter yesterday, Ethiopian said the Academy attained the recognition following the evaluation of its successful application to become an IATA Authorized Training Center by the IATA Training and Development Institute and the IATA Regional Office. This authorization allows Ethiopian Aviation Academy to deliver additional training programs: IATA International Travel & Tourism Training Program and Foundation in Travel & Tourism.

The CEO of Ethiopian Airlines Group, Tewolde Gebremariam, said, “The Academy is the foundation of our success by enabling us to be self-sufficient in critical aviation areas and by supporting our Vision 2025 fast, profitable and sustainable growth strategy. This recognition is the result of the continuous heavy investment we are making on human resource development, a critical pillar of our Vision 2025 strategy. In the last four  years alone, we have invested more than 80 million dollars to expand both the scope of the training and the in-take capacity of the Academy. Today, our Academy receives over 1,000 students a  year to train pilots, aircraft technicians, cabin crew, marketing and finance personnel, customer service agents as well as aviation leaders. Going forward, we plan to increase this in-take capacity to 4,000 by 2025, so as to cater for the growing training need in the continent.” 

The African Airlines Association recently voted Ethiopian Aviation Academy as “Airline Training Services Provider of the Year”. The Academy is certified by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration, the European Aviation Safety Agency, and IOSA (IATA Safety Audit).

To meet the ever increasing demand for aviation professionals, Ethiopian is undertaking an expansion project in its aviation academy at a cost of 55 million dollars.

The airline built multipurpose buildings used for classrooms, dormitories, a library, IT center and cafeterias at the premises of the headquarters of the airline. The aviation academy trains pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, cabin crew and marketing professionals.  

Due to the ever-increasing demand for its basic and recurrent training programs from domestic and international customers, the Ethiopian Aviation Academy is currently undergoing a massive transformation by heavily investing to equip itself with modern training aircraft, computer based trainings, simulators, and other ultra-modern facilities.

Source,Reporter newslatter  09 August 2014 Written by  Kaleyesus Bekele

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