Projects and Investors Matchmaking has now started project and invostors matchmaking. You can now add your projects, proposals, business plans in the projects list below. We already in contact with several investors so finding an investor who will partner with is a quick process.

Investors can also post their area of interests and attract more enterpruners having rich ideas but lacking the financial resources. To add yourself as sponsor, press the plus singn below and fill out the very short form. 


Name Description
Yonas melkamu I am an Ethiopian and I have project proposal for establishing Ethiopian products export. most producers don't have the knowledge and the way how to export all their products agricultural, natural resources and hand made traditional products. I have a plan for connecting the Ethiopian product to the world.
Bereket Amanuale I have a big Warehouse to rent for new investors that want to start manufacturing or want a storage place. The Warehouse is located at the center of Addis Ababa. The total land area is 3,500 sqm & the factory hall(warehouse) sits on 1,500 sqm. if necessary there is suitable spaces to build additional warehouse. There is functional 100 KV A electricity inside the compound only for the use of inside the factory premises and uninterrupted water supply is also installed. If you are planning to establish a factory in Addis Ababa this is the best you can get with extended rent period.
Behailu W I have a lucrative Project in Agro-Processing Sector. It is cost effective...with policy incentives...supported highly by the government...anyone who is interested to work with a Business Partner...You are warmly welcomed!
Solomon Wakjira Gold Mining on 6 hectare of land with potential gold deposit looking for real investor in partnership

my phone number is 0978044274



id Description Project Budget
1 We are a Canadian firm looking to sponsor and facilitate viable projects and sustainable programs in Ethiopia with the right partnership for mutual benefit and amicable growth. Open for negotiation
2 I am the head of the global project in one of the biggest supermarket chains in Finland. We would like to have a partner who already has organic farm of fruits and vegetables and willing to create partnership for processing and exporting to Finland and Sweden.
We have a great variation on budgeting the project based on the capacity of the manufacturer.
150,000-500,000 €
3 I want to engage in marble mining and processing plant with all the latest technology in this indutry as the demand for marble is increasing worldwide and ethiopia has huge potential. I would like to have a business partner who hass technical , market knowledge in this industry 90000000 birr
4 I am looking for partners to set up business in Addis Ababa in office modernisation and turnkey works for large corporates and government agencies. We can provide support in seed financing, deigning and project management to execute large projects.. US$ 1 million.. plus... $1000000

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